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Wednesday, January 8th, 2020
Speaker: Wg. Cmdr. Chris Marshall (retd.)
Wg. Cmdr. Chris Marshall will give us the benefit of his considerable experience of flying the Harrier. His talk includes many pictures and movies. The British Aerospace Sea Harrier is a naval short take-off and vertical landing/vertical take-off and landing jet fighter, reconnaissance and attack aircraft; the second member of the Harrier Jump Jet family developed. It first entered service with the Royal Navy in April 1980 as the Sea Harrier FRS1 and became informally known as the "Shar". Unusual in an era in which most naval and land-based air superiority fighters were large and supersonic, the principal role of the subsonic Sea Harrier was to provide air defence for Royal Navy task groups centred around the aircraft carriers. The Sea Harrier served in the Falklands War, and the Balkans conflicts; on all occasions it mainly operated from aircraft carriers positioned within the conflict zone. Its usage in the Falklands War was its most high profile and important success, when it was the only fixed-wing fighter available to protect the British Task Force. The Sea Harriers shot down 20 enemy aircraft during the conflict; 2 Sea Harriers were lost to enemy ground fire. They were also used to launch ground attacks in the same manner as the Harriers operated by the Royal Air Force.

This meeting is NOT being held at the Druitt Hall.

Commencing at 20.00 hours (8pm) located at the Baptist Church 49 Bargates, Christchurch BH23 1QT. Approx 4 minutes walk from the Druitt Hall. Use the side or rear entrance to the church. There is no parking at the church but plenty of public car parks available within a short distance. Refreshments will be available as usual.

The nearest cark parks are at Bargates (At the end of road almost opposite the Church), Waitrose Christchurch Bypass (There is a short cut from the rear of the car park to Beaconsfield Road for the rear entrance to the church. If you spend £2 in the car park you can get a refund in Waitrose for a spend over £10 - Do your top up shop open till 8pm?), Pit Site and Bank Close Sopers Lane. Local council car parks normally charge a flat £2 for after 19:00 entry. Click here for details. Please do not park in other places such as private car parks as you may incur penalty charges.


Wednesday, March 4th, 2020
Commencing at 20.00 hours (8pm) in the Druitt hall, off the high street, Christchurch. Air traffic control (ATC) is a service provided by ground-based air traffic controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace, and can provide advisory services to aircraft in non-controlled airspace. The primary purpose of ATC worldwide is to prevent collisions, organize and expedite the flow of air traffic, and provide information and other support for pilots. In some countries, ATC plays a security or defensive role, or is operated by the military. Druitt hall Christchurch 8pm Air traffic controllers monitor the location of aircraft in their assigned airspace by radar and communicate with the pilots by radio. To prevent collisions, ATC enforces traffic separation rules, which ensure each aircraft maintains a minimum amount of empty space around it at all times. In many countries, ATC provides services to all private, military, and commercial aircraft operating within its airspace. Depending on the type of flight and the class of airspace, ATC may issue instructions that pilots are required to obey, or advisories (known as flight information in some countries) that pilots may, at their discretion, disregard. The pilot in command is the final authority for the safe operation of the aircraft and may, in an emergency, deviate from ATC instructions to the extent required to maintain safe operation of their aircraft.


Wednesday, May 6th, 2020
Speaker: TBD
TBD Druitt Hall Christchurch 8pm


Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020
Speaker: Dr Henry Goodall
Special Operations Executive missions in WWII. Commencing at 20.00 hours (8pm) in the Druitt hall, off the high street this presentation describes the clandestine night-time flying operations to insert secret agents into France, to support the French Resistance during WWII. The aircraft, personnel and airfields are illustrated, together with the locations and agents landed behind enemy lines. On 5 May 1941 the first SOE agent was dropped into German occupied France. Between the first drop in May 1941 and August 1944, more than four hundred F Section agents were sent into occupied France, with the first woman dropped into France on 24 September 1942. They served in a variety of functions including arms and sabotage instructors, couriers, circuit organisers, liaison officers and radio operators. Druitt Hall Christchurch 8pm


Wednesday, November 4th, 2020
Speaker: Colin van Geffen
We’ve all seen some of the modern wonders of aviation – but nothing is new in the world of flight and some things are very strange indeed... Druitt Hall Christchurch 8pm


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Aviation Related Talks

Meetings are held in the newly refurbished Druitt Hall, adjacent to the library, off the High Street, Christchurch Dorset at 20:00 hours (8pm). Charges: £10 Annual Subscription (May to May), or £3 visitors at the door. Facilities: Toilets and Disabled Access. Refreshments of coffee, tea and biscuits are served during the evening for 50p. We would be delighted to welcome you, your family and friends.




The Society was formed as the Sea Vixen Society in 1983 to commemorate and celebrate the aviation history of Christchurch and to enable like-minded Aviation enthusiasts to meet, be entertained and have a chat on a regular basis - a format which is very much the heart of the Society today.


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